Praise for the book

An amazing group--such diversity, wisdom and loyal friendships. Their stories are an inspiration to women of all ages.
Marcia Lowry, Baby-boomer

Strength when I feel down; inspiration when I need to touch my own heart; hope for a good finish are the nourishment I receive from the Amazing Attributes of Aging.
Barbara Crack, Sexagenarian          
There is a delicacy and intuitive understanding in the authors’ approach to writing which leaves beautiful memories.
Kaye O’Sullivan, Septuagenarian                 
My sociology friend exclaimed, “What a find!” when learning about the Blue Garter friends.  It is great to discover validation from many humans--not just a Pomeranian puppy!
Iila Brown, Octogenarian
Judy Appel writes with a delicious mix of heart, wisdom, and humor. She has exceptional skill in portrayal of beauty in all things. You will enjoy and be edified by this book.
Nancy Tsuchiya, AZ, Instructor for “Writing Your Life Stories.”


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