Table of Contents
  • Toasting a Passage
  • Nesting Dolls of Aging
  • Amazing Attributes of Aging Women: The AAA's Dictionary
  • Revealing The Blue Garter Story
  • Sharing Silly and Sacred Stories *
  • Mentoring the Community Teeny-Boppers
  • Cherishing Fond Memories
  • Celebrating Lifelong Friendships


  • Savoring Our Old and New Recipes
  • Blue Garter Tradition
  • Bibliography
*Titles of Blue Garter Friends’ Silly & Sacred Stories:
¨      An Evolving Athlete – Judy Strand Appel
¨      Remembering Yesterday’s Passions Today – Janna Polzin Morgan
¨      Passing on Wisdom and Respect – Ruetta “Retta” Beck Dykstra
¨      Embracing the Artistic Gene – Carolyn Meyer Petersen
¨      A Twin, Joyfully Joined – Louise “Weez” Nelson Anderson
¨      Nurturing Locally and Globally – Judy Pyles Newhouse
¨      Laughing All the Way – Mary Hesla Huntley
¨      Balancing Faith, Family, and Friends – Elizabeth “Liz” Nelson Shriver
¨      Overflowing with Music – Georgia Koberoski Hanson
¨     Ties That Bind—Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun Travel – Sharon Ann “SACK” Carlson Kalahar
¨      Declaring and Believing It Will Happen! – Karen Marie Anderson
¨      Heartfelt Interracial Pioneer – Mary Kolling Brion
¨      Friendships Crossing the River – Peggy Vihstadt Warren
¨      Earthwatch Connects Turtles and Friends – Marlys Case Sloup
¨      Braving the World for Peace – Ann Warren Schmidt
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